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Reflective Nylon Webbing Tool Lanyard (with single carabineer) GR5111

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This tool lanyard is easy to carry and designed to significantly reduce chances of your small tools dropping, helping decrease the risk of injuries or fatalities on construction sites.

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Main materials of the product (i.e. tubular nylon webbing and stretch cord) are made of high density nylon yarns.

The reflective accent added on tubular webbing makes it easier to identify worker’s location even if there is insufficient light or in darkness. With the reflective accent workers can stay safe throughout the night and in dark areas.

The superior elastic rubber added in the tubular webbing and stretch cord is imported from Thailand. Its excellent elasticity can effectively reducing the impact force of falling tools, hence ensure loading capacity of the tool lanyard.

The loop end design ensures the durability and reliability of the product. For tools with and without fixing holes, users can easily fix them with the loop end. And the non-slip design on the surface of the stretch cord can effectively prevent the tools from falling off.

The thread is made of superior Bondi thread, which has excellent water and oil resistance. This reduces the chance of tools falling due to broken stitches. The continuous "W" pattern design ensures that each stitching position is secure.

At the other end the carabineer used is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is of the same quality level as the outdoor climbing equipment. The carabineer is well fixed by the silicone sleeve so that it can not move along the lanyard. At the same time, users can choose different colors of lanyards or carabineers with different appearances. Carabineers can be made of either alloy or stainless steel material. Users have variety of options.

Product Details

● Color: Lime (available colors: orange, black or others)

● Carabineer type: quick-release aluminum carabineer ( available carabineers: double-lock and screw-locking carabineer)

● Relaxed length(without carabineer): 77-87cm

● Extended length (without carabineer):114-124cm

● webbing width: 20mm

● Single Product Weight: 0.275 lbs

● Max. Loading Capacity: 10 lbs

● This product is CE certified and ANSI compliant.


● Carabineer dimensions














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Please note the following situations which may cause life threat or even death.

● This product can not be used in the scene of fire, spark and high temperature over 80 degrees Celsius. Please evaluate thoroughly before use.

● Users should avoid contacting with gravel and sharp objects with this product; frequent friction will seriously shorten the service life of the product.

● Do not disassemble and sew by yourself.

● The metal hook used on the product must be carabineers provided the supplier.

● Please stop using the product if there is broken thread or damage.

● Please do not use the product if you are not clear about the loading capacity and correct using method.

● If there is a serious fall after using the product, please stop using immediately.

● The product cannot be stored in humid and high temperature environment for a long time, otherwise loading capacity of the product will be reduced and serious security issue may occur.

● Do not use this product under uncertain safety conditions.

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