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Drop Test

Drop Test

This is an exclusive drop test equipment for Glory’s products. It is independently designed and developed by our engineering team in accordance with ANSI standards. Glory has independent intellectual property rights.

The equipment consists of two closed spaces. The upper part is mainly for operation, data analysis and weight storage. The lower part is mainly for product drop control and storage area.

The test center mainly consists of control panel, winch, remote magnetic arm, product suspension point, scale, drop window, high-speed camera and data acquisition computer.。

The unique design of the drop test equipment make it can conduct multiple repeated tests for different specifications of tool lanyards, harness and safety hooks, such as carabineers. With the use of this equipment the safety of personnel and the stability of test data can be assured.

All Glory’s developing samples and bulk products will be drop-tested here through a simulated practical scenario, with two times of the labelled loading weight. Only the products pass the test will be shipped to customers.

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