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Company Profile

Dongguan Glory Safety & Protection Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a professional supplier for safety & protection solutions. We can handle all OEM and ODM orders. Our philosophy is "Ensure Safety, Care for Life".

Our team consists of experienced members. Especially our R & D team and QA team – there are plenty of senior engineers and excellent technical personnel included. Coupled with strict quality control procedures - from product development and design to raw materials inspection and then manufacturing process. Each and every step will be inspected strictly, hence product quality can be guaranteed.

Our development cycle will be short but effectively because we have programmable sewing machines and webbing equipment. These also enable us to cope with different types of product development and manufacturing.

Our Products

Our main products include tool lanyards, industrial safety belt, reflective safety clothing, high strength aluminum alloy carabineers, etc., which are widely used in fall prevention of tools, working at height, climbing, fire rescue and other scenes. Our raw materials are selected carefully and products are safe and reliable.

Our tool lanyards contain: high strength nylon webbing, carabineers made of forged 7075 aviation aluminum and programmable stitching. With these materials/stitching loading capacity of the lanyards can be guaranteed, which will effectively prevent objects/tools from falling. We also developed special webbings for heavy-duty tools (i.e. flame retardant webbing and superior wear resistant webbing using Kevlar yarns), coupled with customized aluminum alloy carabineers, which will greatly increase the loading capacity of tool lanyards and expand the use of tool lanyards. All our products are ANSI compliant and CE certified.

To provide customers with safe and protective products, all raw materials used on our outdoor reflective safety clothing are ANSI compliant.

With the use of heavy-duty webbing (using Kevlar yarns) and flame retardant buckles, our outdoor safety belts can provide effective protection for fire and other rescue site users. All products are ANSI compliant and CE certified.



Relying on our stable and experienced production lines, we believe that we can bring high quality and competitive products and services to our customers. We hope to keep a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with every customer. We look forward to receiving your enquiries!