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1.What fields can the products be used? (Applicable fields)

a.The products are mainly used for outdoor construction work, rock climbing, expansion training, etc.  It can provide individuals with fall protection.

2.How is the distribution of customer groups? (Customer area)

a.Orders mainly come from wholesalers of sporting goods and labor protection appliances in North America and Europe.

3.Is there a MOQ requirement? How about the lead time? (MOQ/Lead time)

a.Minimum order quantity for regular styles is 50 pcs per SKU; delivery time is 15 to 30 working days.
b.Minimum order quantity for customized style is 500 pcs per SKU; delivery time is 45 to 60 working days after sample approval.
c.Regular style means that the products shown on our website or made with our existing materials which are not limited by MOQ.
d.Customized styles are products made of materials with special appearance and function, such as customized LOGO for buckles; flame retardant and anti-static materials, recycled raw material that meets GRS (Global Recycled Standard) standards, etc.

4.How to pack the product? (Pack & Packaging)

a.If there is no special requirement, each product will be packed into an individual PE bag, several packaged products will be put in a corrugated carton.
b.According to the customer's requirements, each product can be packed in a colored PE bag, and then several packaged products will be put in a corrugated carton.
c.We can also use biodegradable bags for individual packaging as per customers’ requests, with additional inner boxes, then put several inner boxes into an outer corrugated box.

5.Is there cost needed for samples? (Sample cost)

a.We can provide customers with free samples (2 to 4 pcs) for regular styles.
b.For customized samples, we can provide customers with free samples (2-4) pcs if there is no mold/tooling cost occurred. If there mold/tooling fee and additional cost due to minimum quantity of materials, we will charge customers the actual cost.
c.We will not provide free samples again if there is no improvement needed based on the first round of samples.
d.The cost of samples and molds/tooling will be refunded to the customer if bulk orders reach a certain amount.

6.What’s the mold/tooling cost for hardwares?

a.It is usually between USD500 to USD10,000, depending on the complexity of the mold/tooling.

7.Can you explain the production process? (Production process)

a.Take climbing carabineers for example: profile processing > cutting > forging > deep processing (such as drilling, etc.) > polishing > inspection (IPQC) > heat treatment > anodizing > inspection (IQC) > assembly > final inspection (including functional testing - DROP TEST) > packaging
b.Take webbing/tapes for example: IQC > warp > weaving > shaping > IPQC (including tension sampling test) > packaging > FQC (including tension sampling test)
c.Take tool lanyards for example: IQC > cutting > sewing > IPQC (including DROP TEST for semi-finished samples) > packaging > FQC (including DROP TEST for finished sample

8.Is there a good quality management process? (Quality control)

a.We have a strict quality management process from development to production and then to shipment (please refer to the QA flow chart for details).
b.We will conduct strict functional tests using relative test machines based on a test platform which is close to the actual use environment. Only products passed the tests will be shipped to customers (please refer to DROP TEST for details).

9.What’s the shipping terms? (FOB/CIF/EXW)

a.For exporting orders we only quote based on FOB Shenzhen, China.
b.For domestic customers we only handle EXW orders.

10.What’s the payment terms? (Payment term)

a.T/T. For regular style orders: 35% deposit, 65% balance before shipment; for customized style orders: 55% deposit, 45% balance before shipment.
b.Other payment terms are negotiable.

11.Can you provide product certification? (Product certification)

a.We can apply for CE and FCC certificates as per customers’ requests.
b.We can apply for ANSI certificates as per customers’ requests.
c.We can provide GRS(Global Recycled Standard)certificate.

12.Is there any user feedback on quality? (User experience and feedback)

a.With our years of production experience, strict quality management process and harsh functional testing, there have been zero complaints from users about product functional problems so far.

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