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Fall Protection Related Issues for People Working at Height

The casualty accident rate caused by human body falling is very high in industry production. It is related to many factors. Therefore it is quite necessary to prevent falling from height and take individual protection measures. Safety harness is a personal protective equipment which can prevent falling for people working at height. It contains the harness, lanyard and metal components, and applicable to works at height such as enclosing pole, hanging and climbing. There are various models for different needs can be chosen. Only choosing the right fall protection equipment and using it correctly will truly achieve the purpose of protection.

Four basic elements of personal fall protection
A.Loading point
It Includes the loading point connector, horizontal work fall protection system and vertical work fall protection system according to the requirements of the United States ANSI Z359.1. The loading point should be able to withstand 2270 kg of force.

B.Body support
The full bod safety harness provides connection points for workers’ personal fall arrest protection system.

The connector device is used to connect the workers’ full-body harness and the loading system. Connector includes safety hook, hanging hook and connecting safety lanyard. According to the American standard OSHA/ANSI, all such products can withstand a minimum of 2000 kg of tensile strength.

D. Landing and rescue
Rescue device is an indispensable component of any fall protection system. When an accident occurs, a convenient escape equipment is very important to effectively reduce the time for rescuing or escaping.

Horizontal working fall protection systems
Working on rooftops or aerial cranes, aircraft repair, bridge maintenance or dock operations all require professionals working at height. In order to ensure great freedom of movement, it is necessary for the staff to use lifelines that are connected to the building. This allows the staff to remain connected while moving without any separation. Fixed horizontal work fall arrest systems means that: enclose the work area by steel cables to from a fall protection network and allow the operator to use the cables to form a continuous pivot point. The horizontal work fall protection system can be divided into fixed and temporary type.

Horizontal working fall arrest systems
According to international safety standards, fall protection in the architectural design should be considered for high towers such as power towers, telecommunication towers and TV towers. Companies should also improve the employee’s fall protection awareness. The risks that employees encounter when climbing tens of meters high towers from a low place. Physical decline, wind speed, ladders and the structure of high towers may cause employees to accidental injury or death, or even cause significant losses to the company.

It is unable to provide safe and reliable fall protection under such circumstances: working on general high tower equipped with ladders with an outside cave, workers only carry safety waist belt and ordinary hemp rope, etc.

Fall protection2

Post time: Jun-30-2022