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Luminous Wrist Lanyard_GR5150

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This wrist lanyard is with cleverly designed structure, easy to carry and convenient to use. It is suitable for hanging small tools to avoid falling tools, hence to ensure safety in construction work.

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Basic Product Information

Product color: Lime (more available colors: orange, red)

Relaxed length of wrist band: 21cm

Extended length of wrist band: 30cm

Width of wrist band: 8cm

Length of stretch cord loop: 24cm

Single product weight: 0.132 lbs

Maximum loading capacity: 4.5lbs

This product is CE certified and ANSI compliant.


This product consists of three parts: wrist strap, stretch cord and universal rotation "8" buckle.

The main material (i.e. rubber band) used in the wrist strap is made of high luminous yarn and reflective yarn. The unique design of the wrist strap and resilience of rubber band allow users to easily wear to the wrist and free to adjust.

This wrist band can be worn on the arm as an emergency warning signs under night emergency cases.

The same high luminous yarn is used in the stretch cord. The loop and elastic design makes it easier for users to fix tools with or without fixed holes.

The universal rotating "8" buckle is made of 7075 forged aviation aluminum. It is strong and durable. Its 360-degree rotating design allows the tool to turn freely.

The stitching is made of superior Bondi thread, which has excellent water and oil resistance. This reduces the chance of tools falling due to broken stitches. The continuous "field" sewing pattern design ensures the solidity of each sewing position.

Unique functional design of the entire product allows users to easily retrieve the tool again after completing other actions, without worrying about the tool slipping off. Its luminous and reflective function can quickly identify the wrist lanyard and the users’ position even in the dark night.

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Please note the following situations which may cause life threat or even death.

● This product can not be used in the scene of fire, spark and high temperature over 80 degrees Celsius. Please evaluate thoroughly before use.

● Users should avoid contacting with gravel and sharp objects with this product; frequent friction will seriously shorten the service life of the product.

● Do not disassemble and sew by yourself.

● Please stop using the product if there is broken thread or damage.

● Please do not use the product if you are not clear about the loading capacity and correct using method.

● The product cannot be stored in humid and high temperature environment for a long time, otherwise loading capacity of the product will be reduced and serious security issue may occur.

● Do not use this product under uncertain safety conditions.

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