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High strength polyester gourd-shaped webbing

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Main material of this webbing is high-strength polyester yarn, which can be replaced by nylon yarn if customers need. Its tensile strength and feel are as good as nylon yarns. However, its cost is very competitive compared to nylon yarn.

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With the advanced production equipment and special production technology we are able to provide the following intercolor series:

High strength gourd-shaped polyester wide-narrow webbing

With colored yarn as the main raw material, appearance of the webbing is regularly narrowed in a fixed position. From the side view it looks like a wave and from the front view it looks like the shape of a gourd. Therefore it is called wide-narrow webbing, also known as a gourd-shaped wide-narrow webbing or a wavy wide-narrow webbing.

This webbing is quite suitable for making auxiliary straps of safety belts, tool lanyards backpacks, etc.

Internal item no.: GR8502

Available colors: orange; blue; and can be customized as per customers’ request.

Main material: high strength polyester

Thickness: 2.4mm

Width: 25.0mm*15.0mm; 25.0mm*19.0mm

Length (single): 140mm; 200mm; 270mm

Vertical breaking strength:19.0KN


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