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High-strength polyester coated webbing

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One of the main materials of high-strength polyester coated webbing is the high-strength polyester yarn produced by the application of modern technology. If the customer needs we can also apply nylon yarn to the webbing. From a cost point of view, the webbing made of high-strength polyester yarn is more affordable, but the tensile resistance and feel are of the similar quality.

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The other main material is denatured PVC overlay, which has soft texture and high strength, excellent aging resistance and obvious cost advantages. It is a preferred raw material for coated webbing.

We can also use materials such as TPU to make a webbing overlay according to the needs of customers. But the cost is relatively high.

We can also use PVC, TPU, etc. with flame retardant, antistatic, UV and other functions as raw materials for coating the webbing according to the functional requirements of different products.

Our coated webbing technology can meet the production requests of coated webbing and cords of different widths, thicknesses and diameters.

Because of excellent waterproof performance, easy to clean and other characteristics, the coated webbing can be widely used in safety belts, tool lanyards, horse reins, pet harness, wrist straps of other product categories, etc.

Combined with our company's advanced production equipment and production technology, the following series of webbing are available. Product details are, as follows;

Reflective coated high strength polyester webbing

With lime yarn as the main raw material through transparent denaturation PVC coating, the texture and color of the tape are clearly visible. Coupled with the later intercolor treatment, appearance and hand feel of the webbing is excellent. At the same time, the gray polygon intercolor pattern has a reflective effect.

This webbing is suitable for safety belts, tool lanyards, saddles, wrist straps for bags, etc.

Internal item no.: GR8401

Available colors: lime/gray, fluorescent yellow/gray, can also be customized as per uses’ requests.

Main materials: high strength polyester & PVC

Thickness: 2.2mm

Width: 45.0mm

Vertical breaking strength: 10.0KN


Coated inter-color high strength polyester cord

Lime yarn coated with transparent denatured PVC make texture and color of the cord are clearly visible. Its appearance and hand feel are both good. The reflection effect can be increased if required.


This cord is suitable for safety lanyards, tool lanyards, pet harness, etc.

Internal item no.: GR8403

Available colors: lime/gray, black/gray, white/gray,and can also be customized as per uses’ requests.

Main materials: high strength polyester & PVC

Diameter: 16mm

Vertical breaking strength: 10.0KN

We can also change the diameter or material in order to achieve different loading weight requirements. The appearance and function of the cord can also be changed through different color matching and increasing reflective material.

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