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Reflective/Luminous Polyester Full Body Harnesses GR5304

Short Description:

This is a full body harness with luminous and reflective functions, simple structure, light weight and small size for easy carrying.

It is a perfect choice for users who work, rescue, train, and climb at night or in low-light scenes.

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The main body webbing is made of yarns with night vision function and reflective yarns. Coupled with the intercolor design, both sides of the webbing have a certain reflective effect under the illumination of light. The user's position can be easily located.

With the application of double "W" sewing pattern design and nylon thread and sewing by precision equipment, firmness of each sewing position can be guaranteed.

There are 6 adjustable points for users of different types to adjust product dimensions to make it more comfortable. They are located at:
● Front chest
● Porous adjusting plate on the back
● Left side of waist
● Right side of waist
● Left side of leg
● Right side of leg

Five of the adjustable buckles are made of carbon steel.


There are 4 reinforced bearing D-rings to ensure safety of users. They are located at;
● Back
● Chest
● Left side of waist
● Right side of waist

All the four D-rings are made of high strength alloy material.

Singe product weight: approx. 1.35kgs

Maximum loading capacity of this products is 500 LBS (appx. 227 kgs). It is CE certified and ANSI compliant.

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Please carefully read the following issues which may cause life threat or death:

● Please avoid contacting with gravel and sharp objects; frequent friction will cause reduction of service life.

● All accessories shall not be disassembled. If there is stitching issues please refer to professionals.

● It is necessary to check if there is damage on the seams before use. If there is damage please stop using.

● It is necessary to learn the loading capacity, loading points and using method of the product before use.

● Please immediately stop using it again after a falling accident.

● The product cannot be stored in places of humid and high temperature . Under these environments load capacity of the product will be reduced and serious security risks may occur.

● Do not use this product under uncertain safety conditions.

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